[RCD] contact groups

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 17:11:19 CEST 2010

Hi devs and list lurkers

The contact groups feature in trunk is not yet finished and there remain a
few questions I couldn't finally answer by myself. Any feedback and
suggestions are welcome:

1) Should every address source provide it's own groups? This would mean
that the groups list will also be replaced when switching between address
sources (i.e. SQL address book and LDAP).
Currently the listed groups only belong to the local address book and
therefore only contacts from this address source can be stored in groups. I
assume that LDAP in general would support groups as well.

2) When composing a message, groups are also included in the
find-as-you-type query and will be simply expanded when selecting them.
This is the GMail way and has the advantage, that one can still remove one
or the other recipient. The disadvantage of this behavior is that the
recipients field will be cluttered with many addresses. Other mail clients
such as Thunderbird resolve the group members when the message is sent.

3) How to remove contacts from a group? The current implementation just
removes the contact when hitting "delete" and a contact group is selected.
If no group is selected, the "delete" function will prompt the user before
finally deleting the currently selected contact.

Please let me know your opinions and ideas about the behavior of the
contact groups in the address book and also in compose mode.


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