[RCD] Text colours in message view

Albert Lee trisk at forkgnu.org
Tue Mar 30 19:37:39 CEST 2010


The plain blue, green, and red used to display quoted text (in
<blockquote>) in the default skin look a little out of place amongst the
muted colours used for icons and other elements. I've substituted them for
"Sky Blue", "Plum", and "Scarlet Red" from the Tango icon project's palette
and slightly lightened the background. The result (attached) doesn't look
too bad to me. I tried "Chameleon" (green) as well but that was a bit

(Tango palette:
http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Theme_Guidelines#Color_Palette )

I think the colour of hyperlinks (which IIRC is the browser default and
usually plain blue again) could also use a similar change.

I haven't filed a ticket since this is largely subjective, and I'd like to
know what other people's preferences would be. I guess this might also have
minor consequences for colour-blind users.


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