[RCD] contact groups

Brandon Davidson brandond at uoregon.edu
Wed Mar 31 10:04:42 CEST 2010

On 3/30/10 6:53 AM, "Andres Sulleiro" <Andres.Sulleiro at razorfish.com> wrote:
> 2. Personally, I like the MS Outlook way (yeah, yeah, yeah...), which is to do
> both. 
> When you first add a group, in the address field it's shown only with the
> group name, and you can click the "+" icon next to the name to change it to
> show all addresses (for example, so you can remove certain addresses from the
> group). Or, leave it as is and outlook resolves who it needs to go to once you
> click "send".

I like this as well. I believe the extended functionality is that you can
re-collapse the list down to just the group name, unless you click again
within the expanded group section and attempt to edit the list. In that case
the group is permanently expanded into the appropriate recipient field, and
individual contacts can be removed.

That's probably not terribly easy to do, but it's pretty handy.


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