[RCD] contact groups

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 29 21:29:15 CEST 2010

Hi Thomas, it looks very cool!

> 2) When composing a message, groups are also included in the
> find-as-you-type query and will be simply expanded when selecting them.
> This is the GMail way and has the advantage, that one can still remove one
> or the other recipient. The disadvantage of this behavior is that the
> recipients field will be cluttered with many addresses. Other mail clients
> such as Thunderbird resolve the group members when the message is sent.

How hard is it to make it configurable? I can see pros and cons for both. If id have to pick one id leave it as is. I like that you can remove some addresses afterwards. 
> 3) How to remove contacts from a group? The current implementation just
> removes the contact when hitting "delete" and a contact group is selected.
> If no group is selected, the "delete" function will prompt the user before
> finally deleting the currently selected contact.

I think your current implementation is fine. It's intuitive. Exactly what id expect it to do. 

Some things for future work..

- obviously hooks so our plugins can get the info. My compose_addressbook plugin is dying for access :)
- maybe a site-wide setting on maximum number of entries in a group. Many SMTP servers will only allow so many recipients. I would not enjoy seeing people add 300 recipients to their groups and making them de facto mailinglists :)



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