[RCD] IDN Domains

Carlos Pasqualini charly at setionline.com.ar
Thu May 20 17:09:16 CEST 2010


Is there somebody working on this ticket?
Internationalized domain name are not Supported

if so, I would be glad to help some way... may be testing, and the like.

if it is not, i can give it a try, but as i have not knowledge about
entire roundcube, may be need some support by some with experience to
guide me where to look if we need to make some changes.

Right now, i'm investing time on reading RC Dev Docs, this way a will
have more knowledge about RC, but as i can see this ticket is not a
simple task, at least not for me...

i have been making some small tests, outside RC, using the library
provided by http://phlymail.com/en/downloads/idna/download/ and it works
ok. It only requires the email to be a UTF-8 string, but as i can see,
RC works on UTF-8 internally already, so it must be not as much trouble
to implement.

Reading some info in http://idn.icann.org/ i found that at the low level
the IDN domains are only ascii, it is something like the
internationalized version of the domain is only for "writing" and "be
read" by de user, but the core logic of the MUA works only in ascii.
If this is correct, the IDN support consists only in accept the user to
write other UTF-8 characters and to translate them to Punycode before
the core logic of roundcube sees it; in the other hand, whenever a mail
is viewed, it must pass to the inverse process so the user will see the
IDN domain in his local alphabet. But again: the core roundcube's logic,
addressbooks, LDAPs, etc, will see only a "punycode address"...

is this concept right??

best regards

Carlos Pasqualini <charly at setionline.com.ar>

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