[RCD] Fixed headers in mail view

Alain Nussbaumer alain.nussbaumer at alleluia.ch
Tue May 4 16:42:56 CEST 2010

On Tue, 04 May 2010 15:24:44 +0100, Sami Barakat <sami at sbarakat.co.uk>
> Hi,
> I have been using Roundcube for a little while now and I'm very
> in most cases it gives a lot more control over other webmail projects
> the user interface is very friendly.
> There is just a little annoyance with the mail view in that the headers
> move when scrolling through the messages. I've got 'Show preview pane'
> so the bottom half of the screen is taken up by that. This almost always
> results the a scrollbar appearing when the message list is full. The
> headers (Subject, Sender, Date etc.) also scroll with the messages so if
> you are at the bottom of the window it's difficult to tell what the
> mean. Would it be possible to have the headers fixed so that it only
> scrolls though the messages?
> I did a little digging and came across a solution
> http://www.imaputz.com/cssStuff/bigFourVersion.html

Doesn't seem to work with IE7.

> I know this is quite a minor issue but I think it would improve on an
> already great interface. I did a little tweaking using Firebug and
> to get it to work on Roundcube. I would be willing to work on and submit
> patch if others are happy with this. I am unsure of the procedure of
> submitting feature requests so I thought I would query here first.
> Sami
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