[RCD] Reply to HTML messages in HTML format

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Oct 6 10:47:35 CEST 2010

I'd like to implement this feature, but maybe we could also do some
unification in editor type handling. Let's see what we should do in
compose modes:

1. NEW: Here we're using htmleditor option, to enable/disable HTML
editor. No problem here.

2. DRAFT and EDIT-AS-NEW: Here we should use format of draft/edited
message. No problem here.

3. REPLY: Now we're lacking something here and current behaviour is not
100% consistent. So, what we can do? Use htmleditor setting no matter
what is format of replied message? No. Here's my proposal. We could
extend htmleditor option to 3-option switch:
- 'never', (0)
- 'only on reply to HTML message', (2)
- 'always' (1).
I think this is self explanatory. When 0, we'll always disable HTML
editor, when 1 we'll always enable HTML editor, when 2 we'll enable HTML
editor only when replied message is in HTML format.

Here I see one backward incompatible change. Currently when
htmleditor=true and we're reply to plain text message, the editor will
be disabled.

4. FORWARD: Here I'm not sure, but I think editor should be set like for
NEW/EDIT mode. When we implement "forward-as-attachment" we should set
editor like for NEW message.

ps. in future we could add some per-contact format setting (like in

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