[RCD] Building a XMPP plugin for Roundcube

Julien Vehent julien at linuxwall.info
Sun Oct 10 14:24:56 CEST 2010

Hi there,

I want a XMPP plugin for Roundcube, and have been doing research on how to build it.
It seems that Strophe.js and jquery would provide a fine solution, this is the direction taken by Drupal's DXMPP plugin and a few others.

My main concern is my lack of skills in javascript. While I'm fine with PHP and the whole server side implementation, javascript is still some dark magic to me.

I was wondering if several people where interested in working on this. If I can't do it alone, maybe a small team can.
So that's a call for volunteers. If anybody is interested in building a XMPP plugin for roundcube, please stand up. No commitment or deadline or anything, just trying to get it go somewhere.


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