[RCD] Mail-Reply-To Translation

Dafydd Tomos d at fydd.org
Mon Oct 11 11:09:18 CEST 2010

On Oct 11, 2010, Rimas Kudelis wrote:

> That I absolutely agree with. Header names should be left untouched. I 
> even think that perhaps they shouldn't have ended up localizable at all.

They're only used for display purposes aren't they? Reply-To is such
a well-known header that it seems ok to translate it, just like From
and Subject. In Welsh at least, that header translates very easily.

Other software like Thunderbird have translated labels for headers
(and don't bother with hyphens as they're only there for display)

Mail-Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To is actually a bit harder to translate
(without creating a very long header name) so that's at least an
argument not to translate.

But technically, I can't see a reason why the displayed values
shouldn't be localizable.
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