[RCD] Can not save the "Display Name" and "Email Address" setting

Viktor Balogh viktor.balogh at vrphoto.hu
Fri Oct 15 18:56:12 CEST 2010


>  but when i run SQL/mysql.upgrade.sql as root,
>  it show the error like this:
>  root#: mysql roundcubedb < mysql.upgrade.sql
>  ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 7: Can't DROP 'idx'; check that column/key 
>  exists
>  What shall i do now?

I've ran into the same error just like you. You shouldn't import the
whole contents of the mysql.update.sql file, but only the sections which
are relevant to you. See the comment statements in the file:

# grep -e "^--"  mysql.update.sql
-- RoundCube Webmail update script for MySQL databases
-- Updates from version 0.1-stable
-- Updates from version 0.1.1
-- Updates from version 0.2-alpha
-- Updates from version 0.2-beta (InnoDB required)
-- Updates from version 0.3-stable
-- Updates from version 0.3.1
-- Updates from version 0.4-beta



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