[RCD] Can not save the "Display Name" and "Email Address" setting

Viktor Balogh viktor.balogh at vrphoto.hu
Sat Oct 16 00:52:15 CEST 2010


If you've imported the whole file earlier, it won't help to import the
trimmed version on top of the modified database. I would recommend
either to start from scratch and re-create the structure, or manually
poke with the tables and types to have a working config. I can recommend
the phpMyAdmin software for that. And you can look after how a valid
structure looks like in the mysql.initial.sql file. And, in advance,
take a full dump of your database. (I have chosen the second method and
manually repaired the db.)

@to the devs: I don't know how many people suffers from this kind of
problem, but I would recommend to keep the sql files for each version
separate. This would ensure a flawless 5sec install/upgrade, just as
with e.g. the wordpress engine.


On Sat, 16 Oct 2010 01:01:40 +0800, johnw <johnw at wonghome.net> wrote:

> Yes, i cut down the upgrade script to only have 0.4-beta to below.
> i can run the mysql.upgrade.sql script now. no any error.
> but i still can not save the "Display Name", and the error message
> still like before.


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