[RCD] Introducing myself & contributing

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Mon Oct 4 18:49:40 CEST 2010

Adolfo Castro Menna wrote:

> My idea is contributing to this project in my spare time, mainly because 
> of two reasons: 1) Enjoying while I code 2) Giving something back to the 
> opensource world.


> 2) Attached patch which I'm not sure if you agree with. I moved the 
> https redirect logic from index.php to rcmail.php, right before 
> initializing the session. The idea is to avoid setting a new ses id for 
> the non secure request that is redirected to https. Basically, we do the 
> redirect before any session handling, so it picks up the previous 
> session stored under ssl.

Almost good, but we've got also use_https option, see 
rcube_https_check(). So, we'll need probably to rewrite this function as 
a method of rcmail object.

There's another related ticket in trac 

>  http://detached.gigo.com/rc/Wv/jmLYPNYw/index_diff.txt
>  http://detached.gigo.com/rc/Wv/jmLYPNYw/rcmail_diff.txt

Please, create one-file patches.

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