[RCD] Attachment upload problem

Rob Sheldon rob at associatedtechs.com
Tue Sep 14 04:51:53 CEST 2010

I struggled a bit with a strange "File upload failed!" error; I 
finally found the cause to be the following line in 

$attachment = $RCMAIL->plugins->exec_hook('upload_attachment', 

According to the code I had in 
plugins/filesystem_attachments/filesystem_attachments.php, that line 
should be:

$attachment = $RCMAIL->plugins->exec_hook('attachment_upload', 

...which fixed my problem.

I double-checked my file-modification dates and it doesn't look like I 
had a mix of old and new files, and I did an svn update while trying to 
figure this one out. I find it hard to believe that this bug would be 
in the svn trunk; surely someone else would've run into it by now.

Anyway, there it is, just in case.

- R.

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