[RCD] Revisiting ancient issue - Apache2 100% CPU when competing for UW-IMAP

till till at php.net
Tue Sep 28 13:57:08 CEST 2010

On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Rimas Kudelis <rq at akl.lt> wrote:
>  2010.09.17 11:29, A.L.E.C rašė:
>> On 17.09.2010 10:22, Rimas Kudelis wrote:
>>>   For a record: I am using courier-imap, and I too have this problem from
>>> time to time (e.g. now). So it's definately not UW's fault. I think when
>>> I googled for it, it appeared to be a bug in PHP, isn't it?
>> Probably it's PHP's fault and maybe relied on specific PHP+Apache
>> configuration.
> I'm having this problem again, for about three hours now. Is there
> anything I could look for in my logs or any other means of debugging
> that would help?

Yes there is! :D

So to figure out what happens when RoundCube is used, I suggest you
install xdebug and temporarily enable profiling of all requests.
Beware though - the cachegrind files are huge and tend to eat
diskspace quicker than you think. So make sure to watch the directory
they are saved to.

In a nutshell!

sudo pecl install xdebug
[depending on your PHP install, you may or may not have to manually
insert the following into php.ini: extension=xdebug.so]

Then, use the following directives in php.ini:

Depending on your setup, you will need to restart PHP/Apache.

To analyze the files:

This will allow you to troubleshoot where most time is spend and I
guess this will either allow us to fix a bug (or more), or allow you
to troubleshoot your setup and improve it.

If no one finds any errors in my writeup, I'd also add this to the wiki.

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