[RCD] Revisiting ancient issue - Apache2 100% CPU when competing for UW-IMAP

David Harris dharris at drh.net
Tue Sep 28 14:15:16 CEST 2010

On Sep 28, 2010, at 7:10 AM, Rimas Kudelis wrote:
> The thing is: if I restart Apache, I lose the dead process, and the  
> time
> it appears next time will be rather unpredictable.  Is there perhaps
> anything possible that doesn't involve apache restarts?

You could always strace the process to see what system calls it is  
running, or connect with gdb and see what function it is in. For gdb  
you'll want to have apache and PHP compiled with debugging symbols.  
This will show you where it is running inside of the C code of Apache  
and PHP, which will be different from where you are in the PHP code of  
roundcube. You may be able to poke around and find some clues about  
where you are in roundcube. It's a start.


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