[RCD] Version 0.6-beta released

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Sat Aug 20 13:09:21 CEST 2011

Dear Roundcube lovers

We're proud to announce the next major release of the Roundcube
webmail package: 0.6 is out now as beta.
And it's packed with new features, some of them have been awaited for
long time. So what's new?

* A full-featured address book with rich contact information
The address book UI was finally extended to store rich contact data
including photos. We worked hard to create a flexible and intuitive UI
to enter and manage the contact data. Along with that, import and
export of vcards was improved to support all the new fields. If you
have LDAP directories configured as address sources, you might review
the configuration and map the new contact fields to the according LDAP
attributes using the 'fieldmap' property.

* Group support for LDAP address books
While speaking of LDAP, the LDAP wrapper of Roundcube now also
supports address groups thanks to the contribution of Andreas Dick.
This requires some additional configuration which is described in the
comments of config/main.inc.php.dist

* ACL rights/namespace management plugin
The new package includes a plugin which extends the folder manager to
manage Access Control Lists according to RFC4314 and RFC2086. This
allows one to share folders with other users if the IMAP server
supports ACL. If there's a LDAP directory configured, the ACL manager
even does auto-completion when adding a new user.

* memcache support for session storage
As an alternative to the SQL-based storage of user sessions, Roundcube
0.6 is now capable of using memcache for fast and redundant storage of
session data. Set 'session_storage' and 'memcache_hosts' config
options to enable it.

* File uploads with progress display
Using the features of the APC module, Roundcube can now display the
progress of file uploads. This has to be enabled in config using the
'upload_progress' option. Make sure APC is available in PHP and that
apc.rfc1867 is set in php.ini

* Automated update process with database schema check
Upgrading Roundcube installations has become an easy task with the new
update shell script. Unpack the new package in some directory and then
run bin/installto.sh <TARGETDIR> from there. TARGETDIR is the location
of the Roundcube installation which you want to upgrade. The script
then copies all files to the target directory and does all
modifications necessary to get the database and config files

* Exchange logo by config
And last but not least, one can now set a customized logo by config
without the necessity to create a new skin. We'd like to encourage all
hosting providers to set the 'skin_logo' config option with an URL to
their logo. This will hopefully clarify to your users, what service
they're actually using. We registered an increased amount of support
requests from users who don't understand that Roundcube is not a
public service but that they have to contact their ISP for help.

Of course there are also many improvements under the hood to make
Roundcube faster, more stable and more secure.
So go forth and install Roundcube 0.6 beta on your servers [1]. We
recommend to test it on a separate environment and report bugs to our
bug tracking system [2]. An improved and stabilized version will
follow soon.

A little note for skin developers: the new address book also brings
the following new template objects which need to be placed in the HTML
templates: contactphoto, contacthead, contactedithead,
photouploadform. Have a look at the default skin templates to get
inspiration for the placement and styling.

Many thanks to all who use and improve Roundcube every day!

Best regards,

[1] http://roundcube.net/download
[2] http://trac.roundcube.net/
List info: http://lists.roundcube.net/dev/

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