[RCD] Is it possible to use a separate filter for searching members of LDAP contact group?

Andreas Dick andudi at gmx.ch
Sat Aug 20 17:31:30 CEST 2011

Hei Zhang
well, the implementation of the contact groups is a first start, and your 
situation is not yet implemented!
One reason is that I have not found a 'standard' like this!
The current implementation just uses standard LDAP schemas:
	contacts in ou=Contacts,dc=xxx
	groups in ou=Groups,dc=xxx (or even ou=Contacts,dc=xxx in as well)
and the group membership is stored in the 'member' attribute of the group 
record, using the groupOfNames capability of the core.schema

To improve your feedback: please give me the informations:
- what server do you use?
- homebrew, public, commertial?
- what schema do you use for the 'memberOfGroup' attribute? kind of standard?

To conclude: your solution has some advantages over the current in RC, I am 
thinking about an implementation for it, but I have to find out about 
"standards" first.

thanks for feeback

Am Samstag, 20. August 2011, um 16.58:34 schrieb Zhang Huangbin:
> Dear developers,
> Is it possible to use a separate filter for searching members of LDAP
> contact group in Roundcube-0.6-beta? I'm not so clear how to achieve this
> after reading comment in main.inc.php.dist.
> Currently, my LDAP structure looks like below:
> - All groups are placed under ou=Groups,dc=xxx. e.g.
> mail=group01 at domain.ltd ,ou=Groups,dc=xxx.
> - Group members are placed under ou=Users,dc=xxx, e.g.
> mail=user01 at domain.ltd,ou=Users,dc=xxx, with attribute
> 'memberOfGroup=group01 at domain.ltd' to identify group membership.
> How can i list members of contact group in Roundcube Address Book? Maybe
> add 'filter_members' in "groups => array();" like below:
> 'groups'        => array(
>     'filter_members'     => '(memberOfGroup=%u)',
>     ...
> ),
> Thanks for your great work, and looking forward to your reply.

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