[RCD] Login protection - what is new in 0.6beta

Dominic Lüchinger d.luechinger at snowgarden.ch
Tue Aug 23 12:50:43 CEST 2011

Dear list members

I wrote a custom login screen witch is grabbing the login cookies from 
the RC login screen an this cookies are sent back to the client with a 
So far in RC 0.5.3 I had no problem in logging in with this method, 
despite the introduction of the security tokens.

In the current beta version 0.6 it seams that the cookies are changed on 
every request during login. Is this correct?

I could narrow down my issue to the file
'./program/include/rcube_session.php' (Line 575), but I don't completely 
understand the code at this position.

A advise would be nice.


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