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Günter Kits gynter at kits.ee
Wed Aug 10 15:04:06 CEST 2011


I recommend You to take a look to existing RC settings code.

On the configuration part, You could include the configuration file and simply use the variables in RC configuration.

In path/to/myexternalconfig.php
$CONF = array();
$CONF['database_type'] = 'mysql';
$CONF['database_user'] = 'roundcube';
$CONF['database_pass'] = 'pass';
$CONF['database_db'] = 'roundcubemail';
$CONF['database_host'] = 'localhost';

In config/db.inc.php:

rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = sprintf('%s://%s:%s@%s/%s', $CONF['database_type'], $CONF['database_user'], $CONF['database_pass'], $CONF['database_host'], 

If external configuration file is not in PHP You could use *NIX commands like cat, grep, awk, cut (assuming You use *NIX like OS) for processing data 
via PHP system() function or You could parse the configuration file using PHP.

Best regards,
Günter Kits

On 09.08.2011 23:28, Jan Kruis wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to this forum and am working on creating a plugin.
> Now I am looking for information or a sample to the next in my plugin to be applied.
> The plugin comes in 'setting' and has two windows.
> - In the left panel, the three sub components of the plugin
> - In the right pane should fill the window of the left pane selected item.
> Another question is whether it is possible to configure on a easy way to use parts of a configfile of another program (the same building as the rc config file) to read.
> example
> $CONF['database_type'] = 'mysql';
> $CONF['database_host'] = 'localhost';
> Regards,
> Jan Kruis
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