[RCD] Fwd: Re: [RCU] question regarding fieldmap for LDAP addressbook in RC 7

Andreas Dick andudi at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 29 16:03:15 CET 2011

hei Thomas
I think this is fixed in SVN since before 0.7... but the fix is not in 
0.7... can that be?

the problem is that the GUI is not showing more than one address fields 
even when configured as home and work in the LDAP fieldmap.

fact is, I can reproduce this in 0.7 as Feisar and Andreas Oster, but I 
observe that it works well in SVN...

could it be that it is a new bug in 0.7 or is the fix not in 0.7?


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Betreff: 	Re: [RCU] question regarding fieldmap for LDAP addressbook in 
RC 7
Datum: 	Thu, 29 Dec 2011 13:36:12 +0000
Von: 	feisar <f3isar at gmail.com>
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>  my question was, what do you see in the gui?
>  ->  a dropdown left from the address? or even something like "Address"?
>  if you change the dropdown, do it not change?
>  or what does not work?
>  Andreas

Hi, did this get resolved?

I too am having trouble with the alternative work/home addresses. The
email and phone number fields work as expected but there is no 'Add
Field>  Address' option (only email, phone and website in my case).

I'm not really sure what the config should look like but here is mine
(using the evolutionPerson schema). There are a couple of things
commented out but that's just from previous experimentation:

'fieldmap' =>  array(
     // Roundcube  =>  LDAP

     // Main information
     'firstname'  =>  'gn',
     'jobtitle'  =>  'businessRole',
     'name'  =>  'cn',
     'organization'  =>  'o',
     //'photo'  =>  'jpegPhoto',
     'prefix'  =>  'title',
     'surname'  =>  'sn',

     // Contact Properties
     'email'  =>  'mail',
     'phone:home'  =>  'homePhone',
     'phone:work'  =>  'telephoneNumber',
     'phone:mobile'  =>  'mobile',
     // Work address
     'address:work'  =>  'street',
     //'zipcode:work'  =>  'postalCode',
     //'locality:work'  =>  'l',
     // Home address
     'address:home'  =>  'homePostalAddress',
     //'zipcode:home'  =>  'postalAddress',
     //'locality:home'  =>  'otherPostalAddress',
     //'region:home'  =>  'st',
     //'country:home'  =>  'co',
     'website'  =>  'labeledURI',

     // Personal information tab
     'anniversary'  =>   'anniversary',
     'birthday'  =>  'birthDate',
     'manager'  =>  'managerName',
     'spouse'  =>  'spouseName',

     // Notes tab
     'notes'  =>  'note',

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