[RCD] [RCU] question regarding fieldmap for LDAP addressbook in RC 7

Andreas Dick andudi at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 29 16:20:08 CET 2011

hei feisar
I think your config should be more like:

// Work address
/// 'address:work' => 'street',
'zipcode:work' => 'postalCode',
'locality:work' => 'l',

  // Home address
/// 'address:home' => 'homePostalAddress',
'zipcode:home' => 'postalAddress',
'locality:home' => 'otherPostalAddress',
'region:home' => 'st',
'country:home' => 'co',

I think that 'address' is not supported but 'street' would be...
but I suppose it do not work anyway with 0.7 since it should with curent 
SVN... can you please test that?


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