[RCD] Fwd: Re: [RCU] question regarding fieldmap for LDAP addressbook in RC 7

Andreas Dick andudi at gmx.ch
Fri Dec 30 16:46:32 CET 2011

Am Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011, 12.29:07 schrieb A.L.E.C:
> On 29.12.2011 16:03, Andreas Dick wrote:
> > fact is, I can reproduce this in 0.7 as Feisar and Andreas Oster, but I
> > observe that it works well in SVN...
> > 
> > could it be that it is a new bug in 0.7 or is the fix not in 0.7?
> It looks that r5377 and r5379 wasn't backported into release-0.7 branch.
> Could you confirm that these patches are applying cleanly and are fixing
> the issue?
yes, I can confirm: this both patches fix the problem I found once and Thomas 
fixed the code... but I do not know the reason why he did not transfere it to 
0.7, maybe he had a reason?
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