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Carlos Pasqualini charly at setionline.com.ar
Wed Feb 16 13:34:41 CET 2011

El mié, 16-02-2011 a las 13:08 +0100, Cor Bosman escribió:
> Hey all, could someone explain what the idea is with the svn branches? I see Alec is doing updates of 0.5 from trunk patches. Does this mean there is a supported 0.5 branch, that will include most bugfixes from trunk? If one wanted to follow an svn repo to stay current, would you suggest following a branch, or trunk? 
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> Cor
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Hi Cor

few days ago, i asked about the same to the list... because i needed to
apply a bugfix to 0.5.0 that (by that time) will be applied to 0.5.1;
but 0.5.1 wasn't released yet.

patches to bugfixes are applied to trunk, then they are tagged to a new
version. So you want to follow trunk for development and testing. If you
want to implement a stable roundcube use a stable release, but for
developement and bleading edge bug fixing, you need to follow trunk
(WARNING: it will include new bugs too!!)


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