[RCD] Fwd: Re: r4397

Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Fri Jan 7 13:13:50 CET 2011


2011.01.07 10:48, A.L.E.C rašė:
> Here's my discussion with Thomas about r4397 change. What do you think?
> Another example of this "issue" is when you move a lot of messages to
> some folder and when you select other folder before the copying
> finishes. It this case "Copying messages..." is replaced by "Loading..."
> (before the copying finishes). So, I see two solutions:
> 1) revert the change
> 2) use "Loading..." everywhere instead of specific message like
> "Copying..." etc.

I guess reverting the change would be better. There isn't much "loading" 
in a copy procedure.

Another idea: how about "stacking" those messages internally, but only 
showing the last one? In your particular case, it would look like this:
DND action → "Copying..."
Folder change → "Loading..."
Folder loaded → "Copying..."
Copying finished → ""


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