[RCD] PHP crash with html email

Julien Vehent julien at linuxwall.info
Wed Jul 6 18:43:04 CEST 2011

 On Wed, 06 Jul 2011 18:15:38 +0200, A.L.E.C wrote:
> W dniu 06.07.2011 08:30, A.L.E.C wrote:
>> Works for me with Dovecot and svn-trunk version. I'd like to see the
>> last part of imap_debug log just before the crash.
> I've seen the log on priv. The problem is with "FLAGS (\Seen [SPAM])"
> part of the server response. Flag name must by an atom string in 
> which
> "]" character cannot be used. In this case Roundcube makes infinite
> loop. I'll try to fix this.

 That's great, thanks a lot.
 I can provide more data if you need to. And I'll be happy to test the 
 patch whenever you have one.


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