[RCD] minimum version requirements for plugins

Phil Weir roundcube at tehinterweb.co.uk
Mon Jul 11 12:30:11 CEST 2011


As both the plugin API and the RC core evolve newer plugins might not work
with older versions of RC. Putting this information in the readme or on the
website with the plugin is the obvious answer but some people just ignore
that and install the wrong version any way. Agreed that is their own fault
and they should read the instructions but adding some kind of check into the
API for compatible versions seems to be quite easy, using the
version_compare function in PHP. I had a little play with it and the idea
basically works. There are 2 considerations that I can see:

1) It's only a very basic check: "this plugin works with 0.5.2 and later"
2) The RC version string needs to be written in the "PHP-standardized" way.
That means it has to be x-dev rather than x-svn and no x-stable just x.0

I'm not sure if this is a waste of time and people should just read
instructions, may be it is. If anyone thinks it's a good idea I can make a


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