[RCD] minimum version requirements for plugins

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 11 13:00:22 CEST 2011

I think this should be (partly?) handled in a plugin repository. I know someone is working on one, but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Im thinking of developing a plugin repository website that handles things like versions. Ive made an initial email about this some months ago, but I never mailed it because of knowing someone is working on it. But at what point do you consider that project stalled right? And I know their plans work considerably different.

My ideas actually overlap with yours, so maybe this is a good time to get this email from my drafts folder and insert it here. Feel free to comment, good or bad.


Lately ive been doing a lot of thinking about a better plugin repository. The wiki is not really working for me, and I know others have the same problems. The issue is that it's very difficult to keep up with version changes, especially across rc versions. Since RC is in constant flux, with changes that require plugin modifications regularly, keeping up with newer versions of plugins is kind of important. 

Some thoughts about such a system from my point of view, as a plugin developer, plugin user,  roundcube installation administrator, and just general views on these things.

I think plugin updates should be visible inside roundcube (like wordpress and others do). There could be a plugin page (created by a plugin even) that would list all your plugins, and their version/update status. Preferably even the front page would show an icon that tells you there are updates. This could be done by allowing a site administrator to configure certain logins as administrators, which would be the only ones to see the plugin information inside RC.  (who knows, maybe eventually we could even allow for automated updates like wordpress). 

There are 2 sides tho this:

Server side:  A website that allows people to upload plugins, set version information (which RC versions is your plugin compatible with) etc.  There'd also be an API for RC installations to talk to. 

Client side (roundcube installation):  Talk to the repository server (xlmrpc or something) and request plugin version information. 

Everything could be made completely in plugin code I think. But there is one thing I havent really found a good solution for. How to let plugins communicate their current version, so a plugin-admin plugin can talk to a repository to see if there's newer versions.

Im willing to put some significant amount of time in the server side of a plugin repository.


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