[RCD] Caching in 0.5

Vladimir Minakov vminakov at names.co.uk
Tue Jul 12 13:40:18 CEST 2011


we're in process of migrating from RC v0.4.2 to v0.5.3 and we've noticed a significant change in caching behaviour. 

Ib v0.4.2 Roundcube cached headers for messages that were requested by the user, either single messages or messages that appeared in the mailbox view. So if I had page size set to 40, the first time I login Roundcube would cache 40 message headers.

Roundcube 0.5.3 caches the whole inbox. We have around 200,000 email customers, that's hundreds of millions messages and storing that in DB is pretty pointless. 

I'm wondering, what is the reason behind changing the caching behaviour so drastically. Is it configurable? Does it improve searching, navigation performance or something else?


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