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Vincent BOURDEIX vbourdeix at linagora.com
Thu Jun 23 10:15:00 CEST 2011

Hello Thomas, and thanks for your answer.

I totally agree with you concerning the sort order, and my last commits 
on the subjects allow to manage sort order on a configurable list of 
fields for both autocompletion and addressbooks. A few improvements need 
to be done I think but it works.

Actually, I started developping the patches I sent to you over the trunk 
but when I decided to apply them for my client I had a problem because 
it was a fresh v0.5.3 (We needed a stable version for our tests). Thus I 
migrated my patches to be appliable over a 0.5.3. Since it was very 
urgent, I continued to develop ont  this version but didn't have time to 
make a version for the trunk (for the community). My last modifications 
involves sorting for autocompletion and addressbooks, but the part 
concerning addressbooks might be in the obm_addressbook plugin if I 
remember well. I'm on another urgent problem right now (which don't 
involve roundcube) so I don't know when I'm going to have time to give 
you the updated patches.

That's why if you want to see my last commits and to adapt them for the 
trunk (a few hours max are needed IMHO) you can find them on the 
linagora branch of the git http://git.obm.org/roundcube/. I'm going to 
ask if someone here can do the adaptations and give you the patches but 
I can't promiss anything about this.

Kind regards.


Le 23/06/2011 00:14, Thomas Bruederli a écrit :
> Hi Vincent
> Thanks for your contribution! So far we've applied the fix for empty
> e-mail addresses in autocompletion to SVN trunk.
> As you might have seen in trunk, the address book meanwhile has more
> fields that can form the display name. Therefore your modifications
> about first/last name sorting don't fit perfectly and we didn't add
> them to our codebase. I'm also wondering why sorting in autocompletion
> should differ from sorting in the address book listing. In the latter
> case the list is sorted by the entire display name string which is by
> default composed from prefix + first + middle + last + suffix. I guess
> we should look for a solution that generally influences the display
> name composing/display and sorting.
> Best regards,
> Thomas
> 2011/6/9 Vincent BOURDEIX<vbourdeix at linagora.com>:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Today I propose you 4 small patches which I needed for a client. I generated
>> them with git which explains the numbers in the patches names.
>> These four patches do the following :
>> - Add of a french translation for a preference setting (default addressbook)
>> - Add of a user's preference to be able to display a contact's lastname
>> before his firstname in autocompletion when composing an email.
>> - Small bug fix where a contact with an empty email was displayed at
>> autocompletion
>> - Add of a user's preference to be able to sort contacts on their lastname
>> in emails autocompletion
>> Have a good day.
>> Vincent BOURDEIX
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>>   http://detached.gigo.com/rc/8S/gqbypSSE/0004-Add-setting-to-.patch
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