[RCD] Calendar plugin: caldav backend

Michael Rasmussen mir at datanom.net
Sun Mar 27 23:39:55 CEST 2011

Hi list,

As posted a couple of weeks ago I have completed the caldav backend for
the calendar plugin. The only problem with this was that it was
completed against the old abandoned calendar plugin so I devoted some
effort to migrate it to the new calendar plugin. I am sad to say that
this has failed due to a completely new interface which, IMHO, is to
directed against the supported database backend. I therefore rest my
case. However, should people want to takeover this task or be willing
to use the old calendar plugin I have made it publicly available from
this link.

Some improvements are contained within the plugin apart from completing
the caldav backend. These are:
- Upgraded to a newer version of full-calendar which support selection
  of timeslots.
- Implemented selection of timeslots as a means of creating a new event
  instead of simply clicking and have an event creating defaulting to
  lasting for 2 hours.
- Fix some bugs related to all-day events which were not handled
  according to RFC.
- Proper handling of timezones. Backend always saves in UTC but
  frontend displays in the users preferred timezone.
- Added more categories.
- Fix bug that prevented displaying CRLF in description as well as
  saving events containing CRLF on the server without loosing data.
- A number of small fixes of bugs.

One thing I was not able to fix was the export of the calendar which
always displays events dated epoch since I have not been able to
transfer the displayed dates back to the backend.

Get it here: http://ftp.datanom.net/roundcube/calendar.tar.gz

Michael Rasmussen

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