[RCD] TinyMCE contextmenu

Victor Benincasa vbenincasa at gmail.com
Tue May 3 11:48:33 CEST 2011

Hi Devs!

Currently the mail editing area captures the mouse right click and display
options such as
CUT, COPY, PASTE, CREATE TABLE (tinymce cut/copy/paste just works in IE).

I'm planning to remove this right click context menu and move the CREATE
TABLE option
to the toolbar area.

With this change the user would not lose any function and can use the
browser's native
functions which is more user-friendly, such browser spelling checker (the
googiespell used
in RC has few languages) and so on.

By eliminating the tinyMCE plugin CONTEXTMENU we also reduce the size of the
loaded code.

Speaking in codes:

- plugins:
contextmenu' + ...
+ plugins:
+ ...

- theme_advanced_buttons2:
'link,unlink,code,|,emotions,charmap,image,media,|,search' + ...
+ theme_advanced_buttons2: 'link,unlink,code,|,emotions,charmap,image,media,
table,|,search' + ...

Does anyone have any objection about this change?

Victor Benincasa
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