[RCD] Plugin question

rc rc at deltatechnicalservices.com
Wed May 25 07:12:49 CEST 2011


Can someone tell me how I can put up a Loading message? I have
tried to do this in a plugin callback but, it doesn't happen until it is
too late. 

Specifically, in my google_contacts plugin. If someone
selects a lot of contact like 50 and either clicks delete or drags them
from personal contacts to google contacts this can take some time to
complete like sometimes up to 30 seconds. I need something to indicate
to the user that rc is busy and to wait.  

Doing this inside the
contact_create hook or the contact_delete hook causes the loading
message to popup AFTER the job is done and the time has passed.  

anyone know how to throw up this loading message at the beginning of the
create or delete action? 
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