[RCD] google_contacts plugin for 0.6 (update)

rc rc at deltatechnicalservices.com
Wed May 25 07:36:27 CEST 2011


I can see a lot of people have been downloading the plugin. There
have been daily changes being made to this so you may want to stay
current on the latest version. 


As of rc svn version 4804, no modifications to RoundCube core are

The latest version just uploaded no longer requires change
to the Zend code. 

Drag and drop support is now fully functional.

Only one problem left and anyone able to offer suggestions please
email me at rc [AT] deltatechnicalservices.com  

The one known
remaining problem is that if you attempt to drag and drop a large number
of contacts to or from the google_contacts to another database, it can
take some time and there is no notification on screen to let you know
that is in progress.. Just wait until you see the notice on top saying
it is complete. The same is true if you attempt to delete a large number
at one time like 30 or more.  

So download, and enjoy and please let me
know if you have any problems or questions. 


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