[RCD] Translation of main pages

Claudio Filho filhocf at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 14:42:37 CEST 2012


In the same way of Trac, i ask too about the main site. Do you have
interesting in translate for other languages?

I explain my interesting in this questions, to try give my viewpoint
about this question.

I really liked of RC's purpose because i searched by years a good and
intuitive webmail. I used since squirrelmail, after aloha, and i found
RC when you started this project. In there time, i was very busy with
OpenOffice.org project, translating and promoting this product in my
country. Today, i continue helping in Apache OpenOffice and Debian,
where have this concern in involve new users, volunteers and promoting
the product.

Returning to point, the main page for this two projects, are scripts
that build the pages, where the sources are txt files easily
translatable, and using the httpd negociation to present the content
in the native language of user that is browsing the pages, or english,
if haven't in his language. I think that a good strategy for RC,
including respect for potencial users and volunteers. What you think?

If you have interesting, i can do a proof of concept and present.


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