[RCD] managesieve

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 25 12:05:45 CEST 2012

>> Has it ever been considered to allow people to edit raw sieve script through the managesieve plugin? What I see is that most people can use the nice UI to express almost all rules they need, but sometimes a match cant be made using the UI. These people then switch away from roundcube as their sieve client because they have no choice, even though they for instance only need 1 rule out of many to be manually editted. 
> I don't want to add an option for scripts edition. It would be useless
> when used together with the user-friendly mode, because unsupported
> features would be removed when switching to user-friendly mode.

Well, im not advocating a full script edit mode. The plugin allows for multiple rules to be created, which get concatenated into 1 sieve file. What if you could insert 1 or more rules that were manual, along with all the user-friendly stuff?  So instead of clicking the rule together, there was a 'edit rule' option, where you could just edit a raw sieve rule, which gets saved along with all the other rules you created? 

This could be possible maybe by adding an icon next to the + icon, that's maybe a pencil icon. It adds a form with just a text box, where you can manually edit a rule. 


The option to be able to do that could be a preference setting. 


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