[RCD] RC small bug - html entities

Victor Benincasa vbenincasa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 19:33:49 CEST 2012

Hi Thomas, how are you?

I've found an small bug in the latest branch, when a message are forwarded,
the header fields showed
inside the message body are replaced with html entities:

From:    Test <email at email.com>
To:    Test <email at email.com>


From:    Test <email at email.com>
To:    Test <email at email.com>

I think this bug was introduced in the latest tinyMCE update, but
unfortunately I didn't have
enough time yet to confirm and fix it. I can check this at the end of the
week or if you prefer
to release the RC soon, please consider fixing it.

Thank you!

*Victor Benincasa*
# *Mobile*: +55 (11) 992-227-227 | ID: 55*11*51775 | Skype: vbenincasa
# *IT Manager* :: Networks, Applications, Systems, Security, Advanced
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