[RCD] Hook name change and plugin problem 0.8

Jure Kranjc jure.kranjc at arnes.si
Tue Aug 14 12:11:31 CEST 2012

> On 08/14/2012 11:10 AM, Jure Kranjc wrote:
>> >I have a question about hooks in rc 0.8. We have a plugin depending on
>> >mailboxes_list hook which is now named storage_folders. Plugins modifies
>> >the list of avalible folders, so users cannot subscribe to some. When
>> >function returns an array of folders, RC does't accept that array and
>> >lists either all of the folders or just the inbox folder. The returned
>> >array is exactly the same as in version 0.7.2 but RC0.8 refuses to use
>> >it. Any suggestions?
> I don't remember any change besides the name change of this hook. Are
> you sure the function is executed?, folders list is cached. Also, do you
> return an array 'folders' element or just array of folders?
If i return an array (return $args), the function doesn't even execute. 
If i return array of folders (return $args['folders']) the function 
executes but RC lists all folders instead of returned ones. Can't figure 
out why in first case the function doesn't execute (it worked fine in 

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