[RCD] Release 0.8 (stable) with new skin is out

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at icg-online.de
Tue Aug 14 14:59:11 CEST 2012



since the new release is now also available in the FreeBSD
ports tree, I have updated our server with it and it's working fine. 

like the new skin! :-) 

Thanks a lot,

Am 07.08.2012 22:26,
schrieb Thomas Bruederli: 

> Hello folks,
> We're proud to finally
announce the release of version 0.8 with the
> brand new skin, codename
"Larry", becoming the new default UI for
> Roundcube. After two preview
releases and a lot of fine-tuning, the
> new design by
http://bueroflint.com [1] has now grown up. But to all the
> nostalgics
out there: don't worry! The old skin still remains part of
> the package
and will be maintained for at least one more major
> release.
Beside the new UI, this version also contains more bugfixes and
mprovements (see ) as well as some code refactorings. Another major
change since the last stable release is the updated license which is
now GPL v3+ with exceptions for skin & plugins. Read more about that
on http://roundcube.net/license [2]
> After lots of testing and
collecting your feedback, this version is
> considered stable and we
recommend to update all productive
> installations of Roundcube. Get the
new version from
> http://roundcube.net/download [3]
> Finally, some
important notes for sysadmins to deploy the new Roundcube:
> * The
new skin brings an entirely new look to the webmail application.
Please carefully plan a roll-out of the new version and prepare your
users accordingly.
> * We're getting a lot of support requests from
users who are under the
> impression that Roundcube is a public service
such as Gmail or
> Hotmail. Unfortunately we cannot help these people
and thus we'd like
> to encourage everybody to do some branding on your
> installation. You can replace the logo by config (option
> and even more important: the new release now has an
option named
> 'support_url' where everyone should fill in an URL to
instructions how
> to get help for that specific installation of
> And last but not least: our recent partnership with the
> Groupware project is finally showing some results. The Kolab
team just
> published a preview release of their all-new Kolab 3.0
groupware suite
> including Roundcube as the new web client. Enriched
with nice new
> plugins, Roundcube gives easy access to all relevant
> functions. Read more about Kolab at
> That's definitely worth celebrating, cheers!
> Thomas
> Roundcube Development
discussion mailing list
> dev at lists.roundcube.net
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[1] http://bueroflint.com
[3] http://roundcube.net/download
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