[RCD] Updates 0.8.1 and 0.7.3 released

Justin van Beusekom j.v.beusekom at beus-it.nl
Fri Aug 17 19:21:21 CEST 2012


Lol was about to email the same thing but i thought let me first
clear my browser cache before i was wrong: 

"One tiny thing i noticed
in the new 0.8.1 version is that in the "About" page still stand 0.8.0
as version." 

Cheers! Keep up the good work. 

Arne Berglund schreef op
17-08-2012 19:18: 

> On 08/17/12 09:41, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
Aloha! As usual when a new stable release arrives, there are a few
things that didn't make it into that. Therefore we just published an
update release adding bug fixes, some minor feature improvements and,
most important, two fixes for a recently reported XSS vulnerability in
Roundcube's HTML message handling. At the same same time, we also pushed
out a small update for the 0.7 series with some of the important fixes
back-ported. That's for all of you who didn't dare to switch to the new
and shiny 0.8 release series. See the complete Changelog at
http://trac.roundcube.net/wiki/Changelog [1] and download the new
packages from http://roundcube.net/download [2]. All the best, Thomas

> FYI - RCMAIL_VERSION is still defined as 0.8.0 in 
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