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Sébastien BLAISOT sebastien at blaisot.org
Wed Aug 22 00:54:18 CEST 2012



Thanks a lots for your translation. Will commit it as soon as
Jocelyn correct the permission bug in the svn (currently, en, fr and de
translations are read-only and I can't commit on them). 

the last two
translations will probably be updated in a future release. I'm not
currently satisfied with the user interraction when editing a contact in
the collected abook and on_edit_move_to_default pref set to true. 

get a message saying that contact has moved plus another one saying
contact has been removed from collected. 

also, the contact list in
collected abook is refreshed by reloading the whole page which is not

This is even worst when using drag'n'drop to move a contact from
collected abook to another abook (contact list not refreshed at all).

Will work on that afer releasing 0.3 stable. 



Sébastien BLAISOT

Le 2012-08-21 14:39, Dennis Riehle a écrit : 

> Hey
> here is an update for the german translation (see
attached file as well): 
> $labels = array();
$labels['automaticallycollected'] = 'Gesammelte Adressen';
$labels['useautoabook'] = 'Gesammelte Adressen verwenden';
$labels['useforcompletion'] = 'Gesammelte Adressen zur
Autovervollständigung verwenden';
> $labels['contactremoved'] =
'Kontakt(e) von gesammelten Adressen entfernt';
$labels['contactmoved'] = 'Kontakt(e) von gesammelten Adressen
> I think using "Gesammelte Adressen" instead of
"Automatisch gesammelt" is a better translation, as this is the same
translation that e.g. Thunderbird uses for it's automatically collected
> I'm not a 100% sure about the last translation, the
sentence to me seems to be uncomplete in English as well. It should be
to move sth. from somewhere to somewhere and not just to move sth. from
something. Maybe I missunderstood the situation though.
> Best
> Dennis.
> Am 21.08.2012 14:27, schrieb Sébastien BLAISOT:

>> Hi all, 
>> As Jocelyn Delalande, original author of the
automatic_addressbook plugin doesn't have time to update this plugin,
I'm taking the maintenance of this plugin. 
>> I'm about to release
a new version of the automatic_addressbook plugin which will hopefully
address all previously reported bugs and feature requests. 
>> I've
published a first release candidate (0.3rc1) on the plugin project page
: http://code.crapouillou.net/projects/roundcube-plugins [2] 
>> But
this release candidate lacks of lots of translations. I've written the
en_US, en_EN and fr_FR files, but other languages remains to be updated.

>> If you have a couple of minutes and know other languages, feel
free to send me translation patches or other language's files. 
Translations for the automatic_addressbook plugin have also been pushed
in landscape as advised in the plugin doc. The merge is waiting for
review. After review, you can also contribute via landscape if you
>> And as usual, you can always utilise the bug tracker at
http://code.crapouillou.net/projects/roundcube-plugins [2] if you find
bugs in the upcoming release. There is some minor problems left that are
beyond the scope of this mail. I'll come back to you about that in a
next mail. 
>> Best regards, 
>> -- 
>> Sébastien BLAISOT
>> Roundcube Development
discussion mailing list
>> dev at lists.roundcube.net
http://lists.roundcube.net/mailman/listinfo/dev [1]

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