[RCD] Hard-coded references to larry

Rob Sheldon rob at associatedtechs.com
Tue Aug 28 07:51:43 CEST 2012


For various reasons (mostly having to do with not wanting to ask one 
user in particular to "try out larry"...) I renamed the larry theme on 
my installation to "default". This worked fine in 0.8.0, but breaks 
pretty hard in 0.8.1 -- any users using "default" get a "service not 
available! errno 501" error page when trying to log in.

The error wasn't showing up in any of RC's various logs, even with all 
the knobs turned up. A quick grep found rcube_template to be the most 
likely cause; on a whim I decided to grep the installation for "larry" 
and found a half-dozen or so references there. Changing them all to 
"default" made everything happy again.

Is it possible to not hard-code the name of a theme, and instead grab 
it from the config file?


- R.

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