[RCD] [Svn] [roundcube/roundcubemail] 30cc01: Use Delivered-To header as a last resort for identity selection (#1488840)

Sebastian J. Bronner sebastian.bronner at d9t.de
Fri Dec 7 09:30:45 CET 2012

Since this thread is of great interest to me, I want to pipe up here to
ensure that not too much weight is put on the Received-header.

> Harald Reindl suggested to grab the recipient from the Received:
> headers instead (rather than from "Delivered-To": or "Envelope-to:"),
> and I second that.

The Received-header does not necessarily contain the e-mail address that 
the message was delivered to. And even when it does, it may contain 
someone else's address entirely. Since the primary purpose of the 
"Received:"-header is to track the messages route as it passes from one 
mail server to the next, the recording of the destination e-mail address 
has been severely restricted. See:


Specifcally, only one recipient address may be mentioned in a 
Received-header. And that is entirely optional.

Assuming the recipient's mail server is used by more than one party on a 
mailing list, and the previous mail relay submits the message in a 
single transaction, and the recipient's mail server includes the 
so-called "for clause", the e-mail address of exactly one of those 
parties will be in the "Received:"-header, and that just might be an 
address that is different from the recipient currently looking at it. 
Often, though, the for clause is just left out.

Matching identities is a creative endeavor by design. And taking 
advantage of fields offered by MTAs that are dedicated to informing mail 
clients about what the final delivery address was seems a more reliable 
way to go (i.e.: Envelope-To and Delivered-To). Currently, there is no 
RFC that prescribes a field that can be reliably used for the purpose of 
matching identities to the final delivery address of an e-mail.

Personally, I would suggest looking at all fields known to be of value 
for this purpose, ordered by reliability (including Envelope-To, 
Delivered-To, and Received, in that order).

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