[RCD] [Svn] [roundcube/roundcubemail] 30cc01: Use Delivered-To header as a last resort for identity selection (#1488840)

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Sat Dec 8 23:17:24 CET 2012

Am 07.12.2012 09:30, schrieb Sebastian J. Bronner:

> [... Received vs. Delivered-To and Envelope-to ...]

Very well pointed out. Thanks!

> Personally, I would suggest looking at all fields known to be of value
> for this purpose, ordered by reliability (including Envelope-To,
> Delivered-To, and Received, in that order).

Yes, please! This would be brilliant.

I'll try again to find a way to support both Envelope-to: and Delivered-To:
for our own purpose by using copy&paste techniques ;-) , but due to lack of
PHP skills, I'll not be able to safely support Received: as well.

And again: Even if this all will work at the end of the day, it still
doesn't help for new messages. So an identity option in the addressbook
would still be a good idea IMO.

Although I can very well imagine that this may get a bit complex, as all
addressbook entries need to be checked and probably get updated if an
identity is being changed or deleted.
Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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