[RCD] possible bug in roundcube ?

Alessandro Vesely vesely at tana.it
Fri Dec 14 12:15:37 CET 2012

On Thu Dec 13 23:28:23 CET 2012 Michael Heydekamp wrote:
> Am 13.12.2012 17:13, schrieb Benny Pedersen:
>> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5322#section-3.4 can be angle-addr
>> only when there is a non-empty display-name.
> The "only" in this sentence is not correct.

Right.  I should have had more coffee yesterday :-/

> RFC-wise, both are correct. 
> But being a purist in this respect, I would also prefer if Roundcube would
> eliminate the angle brackets if no display name is given.

The problem is that some software eliminates those angle-brackets,
thereby breaking any DKIM signature added meanwhile.  I'll make a
patch to optionally avoid such behavior in Courier-MTA.  (Belt and

Of course, it may be irritating for users not to be able to set an
address exactly the way they want to.  It takes a bit of wisdom to
handle this issue adequately...  Should I file a feature request for this?


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