[RCD] Updated patch for login on MX domain

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Dec 20 20:46:04 CET 2012

Am 20.12.2012 20:36, schrieb Vitex:
> Hallo Roundcube developers.
> We are runnig ISPConfig hosting with dedicated mailserver.
> Here is small patch to login if web's A and MX is different.
> Sorry for previous mistake.
> Please include it in new release.

but who says that MX is the IMAP server?
on any larger setup it is not

you have:

* A: website
* MX: spamfirewall appliance
* Another A for POP3/IMAP

MX is not hepful here for webmail and plain wrong

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