[RCD] rcmail_config["forward_attachment"] = false not working?

Rob Sheldon rob at associatedtechs.com
Wed Feb 8 18:43:12 CET 2012

In 0.7.0 and 0.7.1, I can't seem to get Roundcube to disable the 
forward-as-attachment setting. I tried tracking down the cause but 
unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with how Roundcube passes settings 
between PHP and Javascript to figure this one out in a reasonable amount 
of time.

If I hardcode a "$OUTPUT->set_env('forward_attachment', false);" into 
program/steps/mail/show.inc, or comment out the existing code for it, it 
doesn't seem to affect the behavior of the JS in the interface. If I 
pull up a developer console in the browser and set 
rcmail.env.forward_attachment to false, then everything's groovy. It's 
set to true somewhere during page/message load, but for the life of me I 
can't figure out where or how or why.

Anybody else seeing this? Any hints on tracking this down?


- R.

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