[RCD] github

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 11 15:43:55 CET 2012

> Cor Bosman wrote:
>> Hey devs, wondering if you have ever considered moving the repository to github. Ive been working on some projects on github lately and it's so much nicer than SVN they don't even compare. 
> This request came up fairly often recently and yes, we'll move to git
> anytime soon. But instead of moving to github we'll run our own git
> repository together with trac. Once the deails have been sorted out, we'll
> announce more about the switch. Please stay tuned for updates…

Im happy and disappointed :)  Github has some visual tools that are just mind-blowing. I really like the Network Graph and the easy way you can fork a project and then request a pull. That way a dev can work on part of the project on his own, and when he's done tell the original project that a merge is waiting with just a few easy clicks.


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