[RCD] junk processing flow needs two Junk folders, not just one

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Sat Feb 25 23:26:25 CET 2012

I hope you will indulge this posting to the dev list as it really is
more a dev matter than a using matter.  I was going to file a bug about
this but I thought it warranted some discussion first.

My issue is with how Junk is handled in conjunction with the
markasjunk[2?] plugin(s).

As you know, with the markasjunk plugin, when you press the junk button
it moves the mail message to the $rcmail_config['junk_mbox'] (i.e. Junk
by default).

But that does not recognize that there are two types of junk: the mail
that the mail system determined is spam (let's call this tagged spam)
and wants to quarantine for the user to sift through for false
positives[1].  The other type of "Junk" is the spam that the mail system
did not determine for the user (let's call this untagged spam) and that
the user wants to tell the mail system is spam so that it can learn.

So the user needs two folders for these different types of messages, for
a couple of reasons.  First reason is that it's a waste of the users
time to put the untagged spam into the same folder that is meant to be
the folder that the user to sifts through to find falsely tagged spam.
Secondly, the user does need a folder to put untagged spam so that the
mail system has somewhere it can go get messages that the user wants it
to use to learn about what spam is.  And this folder shouldn't be same
folder that the tagged spam has gotten put into since we don't want/need
the mail system to learn from messages it's already tagged as spam.

On my system here those two folders are "Junk" and "spam"
(respectively).  Mail that has the X-Spam-Flag header set to "YES" is
put into "Junk" (and does not need to be used to learn about spam from)
and messages that are in the user's INBOX that are actually spam should
be moved to "spam".  A process on the mail system goes through the
"spam" folders of all of the users and pushes those messages through the
spam-learning process.

Am I going about this all wrong?  Does anyone else see the need for two
different folders (three if you bring the "ham" into the discussion) for
spam processing?


[1] One must have one of these folders lest risk throwing out the
occasional non-spam message without the user's consent/knowledge.  This
is where the user goes to look for that message that somebody says they
sent but that the user never received.

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