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Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Sun Feb 26 20:22:50 CET 2012

To the Round Cube community.

Today I've made changes to the mail server, that will hopefully enable me to continue serving as your list host.  I've changed the numeric IP address used for posts being sent from this mailing list.  This change *may* cause some of you to see delays, as ISPs do not yet have any reputation recorded for this new IP address.  Many ISPs delay mail in this circumstance until more of a reputation is earned.

If you want to catch up in the list, and you think mail to your ISP is being delayed, you can read the archives at http://lists.roundcube.net/dev/ .

[Stop reading here, unless you want more background info.]

This change is regrettable an important one, for me to continue hosting.

Until today, mail for my users (many of which have been here for 10-15 years) was sharing the same physical server and IP address as hosting the mailing lists.  Most of those years, this was not a problem.  However, in the last year or two, there has been increasing tension with this setup. 

Why the tension?  People who subscribed to the list, then later complain to their ISP that the mail is spam.  Pure and simple.  These people build a negative reputation for my server's IP address.  This in turn causes the ISPs to block *all* mail from my IP address.  This affects the CRPL list, the Woodworkers list (who's now moved off), the Round Cube lists, and all the personal users on my server (including my family).  Many of us use the server for contact with our families, or (in my case) for professional reasons.

For example, nobody on my server can mail AT&T owned domains.  This includes worldnet, pacbell, prodigy, swbell, and other related businesses.   This failure mode has caused several long time users and organizations both to leave my server.  All of it is directly attribution to the mailing list hosting. 

This tension has been so bad that I asked your list *owners*, in December, to look for a new host to move to.  This has been a terrible ask - both my act of doing so; as well as the effort it takes for your list owners to find a new home.  This has been quite difficult for your list owners to actually act on.

I've finally come up with a solution (and had the time to implement it), to avoid moving the mailing lists to a different physical server.  New posts will come from a dedicated IP address just for mailing lists; all other mail will remain on the original IP.   Until the ISPs of the world stop delaying mail from this new IP, I'll ask you for your patience.

With these changes, I hope that  I'll be able to host the list for another 10-15 years after all.  

 list *host* .

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