[RCD] Hook question(s): render_mailboxlist

Andy Theuninck gohanman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 00:13:07 CET 2012

1. Is there anything I can set/alter in the return value to change
which <option> gets the "selected" attribute?

2. This seems really basic, but what all do I look at to figure out
within the hook function to determine where it's being called?
Checking rcmail::get_instance->task and rcmail::get_instance()->show
narrows it down some, but those values aren't sufficient to
distinguish between the left sidebar folder list (which I don't want
to alter) and the "Move to..." select box (which I do want to alter).

What I'm trying to do is check current message attributes (from,
subject) and change the selection in the "Move to..." drop down
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